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Down fillings

Filler in a down jacket, goose down and feather is the most common, both by color, and can be divided into white and gray wool. Down jackets in the market in terms of price, sort of: white goose down > grey goose down > white duck down > grey duck down. Price sort is likely to affect, a lot of people think these plush as well sorted in terms of quality, but it's not. Through the down aspects of theoretical research and practical experience, and goose down down content and generally the same quality than duck down insulation, fluffy and so better, but I think the color and not much relationship down to their quality.

As to why white cashmere will be expensive, I think the main reason is because white velvet gray look good, both in light and dark fabrics which are not thoroughly and gray wool-picking, just down jacket in dark-colored fabrics. Taking into account the white color light, suitable for fabrics a wide range. 2nd reason: white cashmere fiber structure of reason. Its fibrous tissues relatively fine, soft, long, long fiber to make it fluffy better, easier to keep warm.

Generally larger, more mature birds, down better, so goose down better. But goose and duck down the production process is the same, both in terms of quality, fluffy, warm and not much worse. Goose down is better than duck down your most important reason, the author believes that the yield is much lower than duck-and goose down goose down only a quarter a year, duck down up to a year and three quarters.

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