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Pants buying knowledge

Jeans color

Structure and color of the pants used to be single, pants fashion the fabric slowly, become enriched in the color. But basically to indigo blue and black. Due mainly to the blue water of the most popular, but also stand the test of time. Colored jeans used to be for some time, but like the wind blowing over, so for most consumers, jeans made in color too much fussy, a bit overkill. Indigo is a solid color, prettier more washing effect, therefore it was jeans color of timeless beauty.

Pants fabric thickness

Fabric weight associated with yarn and fabric density and thicker yarn density fabric is thicker, its greater weight. Can generally be divided into light, medium and heavy categories. Light fabric weight of 200~340 g/square meter (6~10 oz/sq YD), medium 340~450 g/square meter (10~13 oz/sq YD), heavy duty 450 grams (13 oz/sq YD).

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