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Pants made of

There is a lot of difference in size between men and women, so in your cutting process has different ways male waist lower waist of the female body than male waist high section, so they decided to the same height women pants long pants and filing more than men's pants. Female trousers of SAG than male significantly, hip waist two surrounding degrees of poor value also is greater than male body, female body than male body of Hou hip more full, side hip more outside bursting, hip peak than male body low, so female pants than male pants of Hou province volume more big, more long, Hou document side slope more foot, while female trousers hip outside of split potential than male pants more foot more big. Due to the physiological differences between men and women, decided the men's trousers front concave potential than women, also determines the towel is always set to the center position, and pants can be set, then decided the pants can designed Polo and men's trousers, but not before and after.

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