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Down Jacket Popular Features

Down jacket because of soft fluffy, comfortable and warm, colorful people of all ages. In northern China from the beginning of October, down jacket washing gradually into the season, has been extended to the following year in April and May. Down jacket occupies a large space, the washing process is more complex, dry for a long time. Therefore, whether to wash the down jacket, is a measure of the professional level of the laundry is an important indicator of the high level. Down jacket has the following characteristics: (1) fabric: down jacket with thin and thin fabrics, soft and smooth, high strength, washable wear; color fastness is good, the color variety is complete, colorful. Down Jacket To meet the above requirements, most of the use of nylon silk, polyester silk and other chemical fiber materials as fabric and lining. Fabric also has cotton and silk, silk is generally high grade goods, the number is very small. (2) coating: In order to improve the effect of cold and prevent dough, a lot of down jacket fabrics have synthetic resin coating, and some very bright, smooth. Fabrics are coated with clothing that can not be dry cleaned. (3) down: feathers generally mixed feathers, feather stems, dry cleaning will be further degreasing lower thermal performance. (4) heavy dirt and water collapse: down jacket generally wear a long time, dirt heavier, mostly water-soluble dirt, washed down jacket easily produce water stains, into the machine before the key parts of the general need to wash. Down Jacket Feathers generally mixed feathers, feather stems, each washing will have a certain oil spill formation of water stains.

Down jacket popular features

In this increasingly fashionable society, the winter MM you are more fashionable and can highlight the perfect body of the down jacket to spend the cold winter, of course, in this premise, Down Jacket the warmth is the most important. Today, Xiaobian with MM fashion you feel the charm of down jacket!

  The characteristics of the current popular down jacket

1. Fashionable fashion down jacket will become the mainstream down jacket. The better the living conditions, the higher the pursuit of beauty. In recent years, the weather is getting warmer, the environment of various activities is also more and more comfortable, cold is no longer the only purpose of people wearing down jacket. From the production technology, down jacket has been able to do both light and warm. So, Down Jacket people pay more and more attention to the body, the lines of today, down jacket unique texture and other clothing can not be compared.

2. Leisure to the down jacket product development has opened up a vast space. From the fashion trend, people will pay more attention to rich and arbitrary. Casual down jacket free and easy, comfortable, casual, relaxed, reflecting the people enjoy a better life optimistic and comfortable.

3. Sports such down jacket will become the new darling of today's down jacket.

4. personality characteristics of this kind of down jacket will be unconventional. Focus on the performance of personality, is a new era of consumers in the dress of a major feature, of course, Down Jacket down jacket is no exception. Such as lovers, mother and son down jacket will be highly favored by consumers

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