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Down Jacket To Try To Hand Wash

All kinds of fashion, warm down jacket in the cold winter for us to send warm courtesy. Although many people will now be down jacket to the laundry washing, but as long as the correct way to wash, you can also wash their own home.

Try to hand wash, not dry cleaning

Down fabric is usually coated with coated fabrics, high-density waterproof fabrics and ordinary woven fabrics and other categories. Regardless of which fabric, the preferred washing method is hand wash, avoid machine wash and dry cleaning.

For some of the special appearance of the coating effect of coated fabrics, Down Jacket such as patent leather, bright wire, etc., because the dry cleaning agent may be on the surface of the coating surface corrosion effect, not only will damage the appearance of the fabric luster, will make the coating damage off , Seriously affect the product of anti-drilling and thermal insulation function, so these products must be carefully hand wash method.

Before washing, first in the contaminated parts of the detergent, and then use a damp cloth or soft brush to wipe. Be careful not to use alcohol, gasoline, etc. to deal with dirty parts, because these are organic solvents, may dissolve the coating. After dealing with the key pollution parts, and then dissolved in the detergent dissolved in the water soak 5 ~ 10 minutes, and then gently rubbed by hand wash, but also after the clothes tiled with a soft brush brush. Wash the process should avoid vigorously rub, in particular, do not rub the same part for a long time, Down Jacket do not use a hard brush scrub, this will cause the coating wrinkle, fall off.

For ordinary woven fabrics, in order to achieve the effect of anti-drilling and warm, will be coated with a layer of anti-velvet inside the fabric or add a layer of anti-flannel. Smear of the anti-velvet in the dry cleaning when there is the risk of being dissolved, anti-velvet under the conditions of intense washing is easy to agglomerate, broken, so this kind of fabric down jacket should also choose to carefully wash.

For high-density waterproof fabrics, dry cleaning or washing machine when the strong rolling friction is likely to cause the yarn slip, resulting in crack, but also lead to the expansion of the sewing hole, seam parts increased gap, damage the product anti-drilling performance. Moreover, Down Jacket due to the high temperature of such fabric surface fusion, residue in the clothing inside the dry cleaning agent is not easy to volatile, the wearer's health there is a certain impact.

Washing rule

No matter what kind of fabric down jacket, in the washing, but also should pay attention to the following:

1. Washing should not be too frequent, one quarter wash two or three times. Wash too much will affect the fluffy fluffy and warm. As the down jacket more use of chemical fiber fabrics, easy to decontamination. Therefore, the daily wear when found dirty, timely dipped in a wet towel detergent can generally be wiped.

2. Remove the removable fur collar and other accessories before washing.

3. Taking into account the heavy down jacket and good water repellent, washing should be added enough water to ensure that clothing can be completely soaked. Down Jacket Water temperature should not exceed 30 ℃.

4. Due to the special nature of the feather garment structure, the detergent through the surface lining into the down, if not completely removed clean, dry clothes often leave a white mark, long-term residual detergent on the feather will Damage down. Therefore, we should use the detergent, rinse with plenty of water rinse several times, each rinse must let the down jacket in the light water completely soaked. Can also be rinsed twice after the drop of a small amount of vinegar soaked, rinse again.

5. The best way to dry in the hanging dry, can not be wring dry, not centrifugal dehydration, because it will cause the feather back into a group, affecting the fluffy and warm. After the jacket down, you can use towels, bath towels and other packages to absorb water, Down Jacket and then dry in the sun or ventilated place to dry, should avoid prolonged exposure. After drying, you can gently tap, so that even at the same time to restore fluffy soft.

6. After washing can not be ironing, especially coated coated fabrics and high-density waterproof fabric, ironing may cause serious damage to the fabric.

Choose the right washing product

As the down resistance to alkali is poor, and ordinary washing powder, detergents and so are alkaline, long-term use of alkaline detergent or detergent, may cause feathers of the hardening of the board, affecting the fluffy fluffy Degree, to reduce the warmth of down jacket.

Wash down jacket, the best choice of neutral detergent. Currently on the market for sale down jacket special detergent is a good choice, the amount is not, the price is reasonable. Such as difficult to buy, can also use silk hair detergent, sweater professional detergent instead. If the detergent has a soft fluffy function, you can better keep the fluffy fluffy and softness.

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