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Down Jacket Warm Performance

Winter streets, put on a beautiful fashion down jacket, will increase your return rate, both warm and yet style. What are the advantages of wearing a down jacket in winter?

Down jacket lighter. Down is the lightest natural warm material. If the cotton than the same degree of warm down the cotton than the light 2/3; a cold clothing if the use of down jacket just a few hundred grams is enough to keep out the cold, and if you need to use cotton on the kilograms to achieve the same effect. Thus, the down product can be compressed in volume, easy to carry or transport.

Down jacket more breathable. Down with other warm material does not have the good performance of moisture absorption divergence, down to continue to absorb and discharge the body to release the sweat, so that the body is not wet and hot feeling.

Down jacket more warm. In cotton, wool, silk and down four natural thermal materials, the best performance of the feather of the warm. Compared with man-made materials, down the thermal capacity is three times the general man-made materials.

Down jacket has a light weight, texture, soft, Down Jacket good warm features. One with nylon fabric to do the surface fabric, with feathers to do the top coat, Down Jacket the total weight of 500 to 1000 grams, is the weight of other Royal clothing to the weight of 1/6 to 1 / Due to feather soft, used as clothes and materials, wearing comfortable. Down the fiber is difficult to occur phenomenon; fabric using high-density coated fabric, Down Jacket can keep the clothes have more air, warm performance.

Down jacket warm principle:

Down for the three-dimensional structure, good quality down jacket is generally very fluffy, so the same weight of the down can be more than other materials fixed more air, a large number of down the staggered together to fix the air, and the formation of insulation protective layer , Down Jacket In order to achieve good thermal performance.

Down clothing requirements filled with down the nominal amount of cashmere can not be less than 50%, while the higher the amount of cashmere, Down Jacket the stronger the warm performance. We in the daily feathers Fang Hanfu purchase, you can observe the clothing by the degree of fluiness to determine the quality of good or bad.

Down jacket with light, soft, warm features. One with Nisi spinning to do the face, in the down jacket, the total weight of 500 to 1000 grams, is the other weight of the cold clothing 1/6 to 1/2. Due to feather soft, used as clothes and materials, wearing comfortable. What is the real need for retail promotion from customers? They are still in two times: businessmen in the Black Sea era, customers in the Blue Ocean era! Retailers may think of the future "eager" to further improve the promotion rules, but people always Not as good as the day count, the customer is the day, is the referee, they get angry and provoke a clear understanding, and businessmen have a good day ?! Down Jacket Each industry has its own industry rules, each brand has its own Brand bottom line, where the bottom line of Chinese businessmen? Down is not easy to occur fiber cementation phenomenon; Down Jacket fabric using high-density coated fabric, can keep the clothes have more air, and thus warm performance.

Down jacket structure. The structure of the down jacket mainly refers to the down jacket of down jacket, that is, the fabric surrounded by the formation of a small space. Down Jacket Can be divided into three-dimensional box-like structure and double-layer clip structure, and some other structures are derived from these two structures by-product. Three-dimensional box-like structure. Through the increase in the lining between the material to form a box-like structure. Advantages are uniform distribution of feathers, Down Jacket no cold bridge effect. The drawback is that the production process is cumbersome and increases the weight of the whole coat. Double clip structure. Directly in the material outside the suture, forming a tubular space. Down Jacket The advantage is that the weight of the whole dress is greatly reduced.

On the distribution of the structure. The smaller the structural space, that is, in a down jacket on the distribution of more than the volume of cashmere, relatively speaking, Down Jacket the distribution will be more uniform down.

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