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Good Air Permeability Of Shirt

The shirt features a comfortable, soft, sweaty dress. Of course, the same is pure cotton, there are many characteristics, there are a lot of consideration indicators. For example, wearing life, washing life, visual perception, wearing skin, and other characteristics of the performance, as well as the number of shares, Shirts weight and many other indicators.

The most popular blend of shirt fabrics is 65% of polyester and 35% of cotton, this fabric shirt, besides being not very comfortable to wear, and looks very cheap. Shirts If you decide to buy blends, you should buy fabrics with at least 50% cotton content. Generally speaking, the more cotton blended, the more gorgeous the shirt looks.

The advantages of a shirt

1. Pure cotton fabric shirt wearing comfortable, soft, sweat-absorbing, very easy to wrinkle, easy to deformation, easy to dye or discoloration, a high-quality shirt should at least be cotton.

2. Dress is not as comfortable as cotton, not easily deformed, not wrinkle, not easy to dye or discoloration, Shirts according to Cotton and the proportion of different characteristics to the pure cotton or pure polyester offset.

3. Vivid color, soft texture, pendant, smooth and comfortable.

The advantages of the shirt are manifold: it is comfortable, soft and smooth, it looks very thick and breathable, and it is cooler in summer and stuffy office buildings. Unfortunately, when you wear cotton shirts, they will wrinkled, propriety. If you have to send your shirt to the business laundry, you must know that a cotton shirt should be ironed so that you don't wear it in the morning at least, Shirts as if you had just been wearing it for a night's sleep. However, if a cotton shirt is of good quality and cut well, it does give you a piece of the instrument you want to be fascinated with.

No matter you are of any size, the shirt is absolutely essential, with any color of the suit, can have an overwhelming victory, but also easy to give the viewer vigor, clean sense, Shirts but not too bleak no light, so, a few pieces of white shirt to buy is not guilty, especially men are particularly easy to sweat, the life of the shirt naturally accelerated, When the shirt a yellow, has been impotent save not back, even if the appearance of the slightest damage, please reluctantly, otherwise will only be trapped in their shabby, lame feet dilemma.

What details should be paid attention to when choosing a shirt

1. Simple style. The best style of the white shirt is the traditional shirt style, the standard is the length of the collar and the open angle are "gentle". Shirts If you pay attention to your own workplace image, it is best not to wear the left and right angles of the collar between 120 degrees to 180 degrees, it is said that this "French" collar is "not love Emika" the Duke of Windsor favorite. But it would completely spoil the simplicity of a shirt.

2. Select Pure white. A lot of shirts like to add a little extra on the shirt base, such as colored neckline, special color buttons and buttonholes. If you just want to highlight yourself without being taken by anything, Shirts these little designs can be exempted. You can wear gray or black if you don't want people to have the illusion of wearing a dress every day.

The lapel of a shirt is generally divided into a concealed door lapel and a clear door lapel.

Dark door flaps are generally common in French shirts and are designed to be more concise

The Ming Mun Lapel is commonly used in the American shirts we usually wear.

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