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Leggings Are Also Widely Used In Outdoor Sports

Leggings is now not very common, but generally in the mountain climbing, there will still be a lot of people will choose leggings, what is the role of leggings, its role is more, in the choice of it, it is necessary to make a good understanding of its various aspects, so to use it, all know how to use good, leggings in the time, is relatively simple.

The leggings are made very simple, the size can change, Leggings there is no strict standard, for a long cloth belt (canvas do better, more sturdy ordinary cloth also line), one end is a flat head, fork into two rope, fork to be strong, width 10 cm or wider, length 1.5-2 meters long can be.

Leggings in outdoor sports is also widely used, professional mountain donkey in the trip will tie the leg. Especially in the Alpine jungle, leggings can prevent the worm leech crawling down the trousers to bite, Leggings but also effectively prevent thorn sticks and thorns. If there is a passing mountain friend injured fracture, the triangular towel kit no matter when, the solution leggings cloth can play the role of fixed bones. Leggings In the face of rocky steep slopes need to climb down

Leggings are wrapped around the legs of the tape. As the calf approaches the ground, when walking the biggest swing, if often in rocky, thorny thatch, more than the rugged road of the snake to walk and camping, Leggings it must be effective protection, and therefore called "leg". Leggings can also be limited to reduce the fatigue and wind the long journey of warmth, often as a wartime military equipment. In the past war period, our Army's maneuver mode was mainly walking, so leggings also became an indispensable personal traditional outfit.

Leggings of the play is to start from the upper end of the flat to wrap the legs, each circle or two laps can turn the leggings face, in order to ensure that the flat stick to the leg to continue to hit the bend, should stand up and play, elastic moderate, too tight mai're, too loose does not work, Leggings dozen good leggings should be the shoe mouth strict seal, go a long time also not loose.

Through the above introduction, what is the role of leggings, but also have a good understanding, so in the choice of leggings, it is safe to carry out, it does not have any damage to their legs, and this approach, the emergence of some cases, are able to make a good improvement.

Many people do not know the role of leggings, so before the choice, it is necessary to have a good understanding of its various aspects, so to choose it, Leggings know how to choose the best, but note that its use is not very complex.

The role of leggings

1, after playing leggings began not accustomed to the leg belly rise, a few days later feel very comfortable, especially in climbing when the leg is not acid tired, Leggings have to prevent the blood under the accumulation of the swelling caused by pain.

2, mountain March, to prevent the worm leeches at any time along the trousers crawl into the bite, and effectively prevent thorns thorn sticks and care.

3, if the wounded fracture of the triangular towel kit no matter when the solution of leggings cloth play a fixed bone role.

4, in the face of mountain rock steep slope need to climb down the landing, a few pieces of leggings cloth connected twisted into a rope for traction.

5, if a soldier wounded without a stretcher, cut two long two short branches will be a few pairs of leggings cloth made into a simple stretcher.

6, lucky to catch each other's unlucky eggs will tie a solid leggings, Leggings custody he can not escape.

7, have to meet the need to tie the thing that leggings cloth is an effective alternative.

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