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Origin Of Shirts

Suit and blouse originated in Europe, shirts with buttons also come from French cuff shirt interludes of inspired. Shirt styles are based on the French shirt, with a beautiful French fold sleeves. According to the different matching dresses or suits, collar and front office might take is different from the traditional French style. Fabrics mainly to natural textures such as cotton, silk, exquisite tailored fit close, collar and cuff lining to keep the crisp effect, which function like dresses and suits, emphasizing the modified body lines. For dress shirts with white, daily dress shirts are mostly white or light colored. Netizens, please note: American-style shirts are United States civilian culture prevailing influence, style is loose, do not pay attention to tailoring, often also use the buttons to secure the collar point, is neither beautiful nor pay attention to, so the style is more suitable for the home shirt. United States real upper class nor American shirt dress.

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