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Ski Service Maintenance Knowledge

Lift ski suits, you think must be bright colors.

Indeed, fluorescent green, fluorescent red and bright orange ski suits have always been the mainstream of ski suits. This is of course taking into account the danger of these colors with a high degree of recognition, is conducive to rescue.

However, taking into account the practicality, manufacturers began to join the ski suit black, gray and other dark colors.

With the success of the bid to host the Chinese Olympic Games, skiing has become a trend, but also gradually become popular, want to go skiing, ski suits are essential items. Ski Suits In recent years, most of the ski clothing are in the fabric on the technological innovation, focusing on improving the functionality of ski suits. There are a lot of people began to study how to pick the ski suit, but how many people understand the ski service maintenance knowledge, the following high clothing to come to share for you.

Ski service maintenance knowledge:

Can be heated in 30 degrees warm water neutral detergent, soaked, and then with a soft brush brush dirty, into the drum-type washing machine, low-speed washing and then rinse with warm water three or four times, light water, ventilation drying.

In order to avoid the surface of the clothes pulley, Ski Suits the clothes can be turned over and over to clean, and close all the clasp, to prevent the clasping of the torn surface scratches the fabric.

Functional fabrics should use a special lotion soak cleaning.

Restore the effect of water repellent method is to dry after drying, with the temperature of the steam iron ironing.

Ski Suits Washing and collection should also be noted: as clean, dry, pest control, mildew, possession of suitcase cabinet to clean, dry, sealed, clothing should not be long-term extrusion storage.

Sun exposure clothing to be enough to stop, Ski Suits to avoid long-term exposure to sunlight ultraviolet radiation.

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