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Ski Suit Beautiful And Comfortable

Ski suits are generally divided into competitive clothes and travel suits. Competitive clothing is designed according to the characteristics of the competition project, focusing on the improvement of sports performance. Travel clothing is mainly warm, beautiful, comfortable and practical.

Ski clothing color is generally very bright, it is not only from the aesthetic considerations, more important is from the security aspects of thinking. If skiing in the mountains, especially on steep slopes, away from the construction of the ski resort prone to collapse or lost direction, Ski Suits in this case bright clothing for the search to provide a good vision.

How is the ski suit pick?

Ski suit size

Can not choose too small or tight package body clothing (except for professional match clothes), that will limit the taxi when the taxi action. Tops should be loose, the length of the sleeves should be stretched straight upward arm slightly longer than the wrist as the standard, the cuff should be necking and adjustable function. The collar should be an upright high collar opening to prevent the entry of cold air. The length of the pants should be squatted to the length of the ankle. The lower leg has a double-layer structure, in which the inner layer with a non-slip rubber elastic tightening, can be tightly stretched in the ski boots, can effectively prevent the snow; Ski Suits outer inner wear-resistant hard lining to prevent skiing Boots hit each other to cause damage to the outer layer.

The structure of a ski suit

From the structural point of view, ski suits are part of the ski suit and one ski suit. Clothes ski wear easy, but in the choice of pants must be high waist, and the best strap and soft belt. Shirt must be loose, to choose the middle waist and have a belt or pumping, to prevent the taxi down after the snow from the waist into the ski suit. Arm straight up straight sleeves can not be stretched too tight, rather long, because the upper limb in the skiing process in a full range of sports, especially for beginners. One-piece ski suit is simple, Ski Suits comfortable to prevent the effect of snow better than the avatar, but wearing more trouble. According to the author's experience, wearing a ski suit more leisurely taxi skiing convenience.

Ski suit material

As most of our ski resort inland, are cold, dry climate, low temperature, wind, snow hard, so from the material point of view, ski clothing should be used in foreign materials, Ski Suits wear and tear, wind, Treatment of nylon or anti-tear material is better. In view of the vast majority of our country's ski runway is not closed, coupled with low air temperature, so the ski clothing of the inner layer of warm material should be used better warm hollow cotton or DuPont cotton, so that skiers in the ride when the cableway Provide a good warm condition. According to the author's experience, one-piece ski suit is better than the ski suit.

Ski suit color

From the color point of view, the best choice can form a large contrast with the white red, orange, blue or a variety of colors with eye-catching tone, Ski Suits one for this sport to add charming charm, more important for other skiing Provide a striking sign to avoid the occurrence of a collision accident.

Ski suit style

The opening of a ski suit is dominated by a large zipper, Ski Suits and it is also convenient to operate with a glove. There are a number of easy to open a large pocket, in order to some of the commonly used ski goods into different categories, easy to use As often need to hand to skate the ski equipment and hold the snow stick sliding, so ski gloves to be large, divided. Gloves wrist to be long, it is best to cover the cuffs, such as elastic band can be sealed, can effectively prevent the entry of snow. Ski cap is best to use hedging, it only exposed the first half of the face, to prevent the cold wind on the face of the injury, especially for women. In short, a comfortable, beautiful ski suit plus your chic beautiful glide posture, will bring you a beautiful enjoyment.

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