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Sweater Wash Techniques

① sweater before washing, you should shoot to dust on the sweater, sweater 10-20-minute soak in cold water, squeeze out water, rub gently in a SOAP solution or detergent solution sweater, and then rinse the sweater. In order to ensure the color of yarn, you can add 2% acetate in water (food vinegar) to neutralize the residue in the sweater of the SOAP. After washing, squeeze moisture in the sweater, stopped, into the net, put the sweater in a ventilated place to dry, do not twist twist or exposure to sweaters.

② wash sweater with tea (line), not only to wash dirt from a sweater, also can make the yarn does not fade, extending service life.

Washing sweater of method is: with a basin water, put amount tea, stay tea bubble through, water cool zhihou, filter out tea, put sweater (line) put in tea in the soaking 15 minutes, then gently rub sweater times Hou, again with water rinse clean, extrusion water, shake bulk, wool can directly holding in cool at dry; sweater for prevent deformation, should loaded into net again hanging cool at dry.

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