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The Cotton-padded Jacket Has The Very Strong Warm-keeping Function

Cotton-padded jacket is a kind of coat that wears very strong warmth in winter, this kind of clothing has a total of three floors, the most outer layer is called face, mainly with some thicker color or patterned cloth; the middle layer is the cotton with a strong heat preservation effect; There is also a kind of cotton-padded jacket is the face and clip has a warm layer to separate the wool made, Cotton-padded Jacket this kind of coat has four layers, when wearing as long as the warm layer in the Rizori on the line, they are connected with zippers or buttons.

Cotton Coat Maintenance

1, if the coat, no obvious dirty traces, the new coat, can not be cleaned, with breathable items (such as finishing bag) wrapped, put a camphor ball in case of moth, Cotton-padded Jacket and then stored in a ventilated dry wardrobe can be, notice above not under pressure.

2, Summer and autumn season rain, after the rainy season, it is best to put on the cotton-padded jacket, take out a drying, to prevent mildew, if found to have a mildew point, can be used to rub alcohol swab, and then clean wet towel scrub clean, dry and then properly collected. Cotton-padded Jacket But attention can not be placed in the sun exposure, or new clothes may fade into old clothes.

3, will collect a good coat, take out before wearing, you can first lightly slap with a small stick, reply to its fluffy state.

4, the coat, Cotton-padded Jacket can not be placed in the compressed bag storage, long-term compression will make down or insulation layer loss of elasticity to reduce thermal performance.

5, if it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to make a cotton-padded coat once, Cotton-padded Jacket so that it completely stretches and dries.

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