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The Leggings Are Very Simple

Leggings are now less common, but generally in the climbing time, there will still be a lot of people will choose leggings, what is the role of leggings, its role is more, in its choice, it is also necessary to it Of all aspects of a good understanding, so that when using it, all know how to use good, leggings in the time to get, is relatively simple. A lot of people on the leggings of the role is not very understanding, Leggings so before it is chosen, but also need to have a good understanding of its various aspects, so when you choose it, know how to choose the best, but pay attention to Is that its use is not very complicated. The same time as

The role of leggings

1, playing the leggings began to have not accustomed to the calf rose, a few days later feel very comfortable, especially in the mountain when the calf is not tired, Leggings there is to prevent the blood under the product caused by the rise of pain. The same time as

2, mountain march, to prevent the squirrel leeches at any time along the pants climb into the bite, and effectively prevent thorns thorns and care.

3, if the injury injury triangle scarf first aid kit regardless of the time with the next leggings to play the role of fixed bones.

4, in the face of rocky steep slopes need to climb and drop when several knees tied to twist into a rope for traction. The same time as

5, if there is a soldier wounded stretcher delivery, Leggings cut two long and two short branches will be several pairs of leggings made of simple stretcher. The same time as

6, fortunate enough to catch each other's unlucky egg will be tied leg tied with a solid, Leggings keep him can not escape. The same time as

7, there is a need to bind things that legged cloth is an effective alternative.

How to fight leggings

Leggings are very simple, the size can be changed, there is no strict standard for a long cloth (canvas to do better, more solid ordinary cloth line), one end is flat head, Leggings one end of the fork into two To be strong, width of 10 cm or more, the length of 1.5-2 meters long can be. Leggings play is the flat head from the upper began to wrap around the legs, each lap or two laps can be leggings to face, to ensure that the flat legs continue to hit the legs bent up, should stand up and play, , Too tight step does not step, too loose does not play a role, Leggings playing a good leggings should be tight seal shoes, take a long time is not loose.

Leggings of Leggings (Field Army):

1, the protection of military pants, in the past the military can not get a good supply, trousers are damaged can not be replaced in time (especially the field army, one by one like beggars, into what system), so leggings played a protection of major military supplies The role of pants.

2, leggings played the role of the rope, remember the high school textbooks talked about a wounded Red Army soldiers were the other two soldiers with leggings to move the plot? If you wear combat boots, where to get the rope to go, do not use shoelaces?

3, the new leggings have the advantages of fighting boots unparalleled, emergency (such as fire), the new leggings can quickly take off and leave the shoes, rather than wearing soldiers like fighting boots, Leggings like the whole boots off, but to combat The

4, to protect the ankle, because the leggings in the fixed time can pull more tightly, the protection of the ankle better than combat boots.

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