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The Most Important Function Of Ski Wear Is The Warmth Of

Ski suits are generally divided into athletic suits and travel suits. Competitive clothing is designed according to the characteristics of the competition, focusing on the improvement of sports performance. Travel clothing is mainly warm, beautiful, comfortable and practical. The color of the ski suit is generally very bright, this is not only from aesthetic considerations, Ski Suits but also from the security aspect. If skiing on a high mountain, especially on a steep hillside, away from the construction of a ski site prone to collapse or disorientation, in this case, bright clothing for the search provides a good vision.

The most important function of ski clothing is to keep warm, waterproof and wind resistant. For beginners, you can choose ski suits specially designed for skiing, Ski Suits or you can choose an emergency suit with outdoor sports, and you can rent it directly from the snow field.

Ski clothing generally have two layers inside and outside, the outer texture wear-resisting, wind-resistant waterproof and damp, lining selection of warm and breathable material and removable, feeling hot time can become unlined. The ski suit should not be too small or too tight to limit the glide motion. Coat to be loose, sleeve long to straighten up the arm slightly longer than the wrist for good, Ski Suits cuffs have elastic function. The neckline should be an upright high collar opening to prevent cold air from entering.

Ski wear In addition to functional, but also in the snow field to attract eyeballs, highlighting the personality of the tool. In order to facilitate the identification of a white and serene land, the ski suit is designed to have a sharp contrast with the color of the bright and striking colors. Ski Suits Beginners who have no ski skills, especially those who have just been on the snow road, can attract more attention through a dazzling ski suit.

How to choose a ski suit?

1 skiing is a very enjoyable and exciting sport, and when you are wearing a bright ski suit in the vast snow, as a flower in the white petals of the stamens, pleasing to the eye. But do you know how to choose a ski suit? Ski suits are designed for the sport of skiing, Ski Suits and are different in choice from ordinary sportswear.

2 first, in terms of structure, there are two forms of ski suits and even ski suits. It is convenient to wear a ski suit, but the trousers must be high waist when choosing, and it is best to have straps and soft belts. The coat must be loose, to choose the middle waist and to have a belt or a belt to prevent the snow from slipping into the ski suit from the waist. When the arms are stretched up, the sleeves cannot be stretched too tightly, rather longer, Ski Suits because the upper limbs are in a full range of motion during skiing, especially for beginners. Even the body ski suit is simple in structure, wearing comfortable to prevent the effect of the snow into a good score, but wearing more trouble. According to the author's experience, wearing a ski suit is more convenient than a ski suit.

3 second, it is not possible to choose clothing that is too small or tightly wrapped (except for professional match clothing), Ski Suits which will limit the glide movements when taxiing. The coat should be loose, the length of the sleeve should be straight up after the arm slightly longer than the wrist, the cuffs should be necking and have adjustable elastic function. The neckline should be an upright high collar opening to prevent cold air from entering. The length of the trousers should be based on the length of the knee to the ankle. The bottom of the trouser leg is a double-layer structure, wherein the inner layer has an elastic seal with non-slip rubber, Ski Suits which can be tightly stretched on the ski boots, which can effectively prevent the snow from entering; the outer layer has a wearable hard lining to prevent the ski boots from knocking on each other and causing damage to the outer layer.

4 third, from a color perspective, it is best to choose the red, orange, azure or a variety of colors with a large contrast to the white color, Ski Suits one for the sport to add charm, but also for the other skiers to provide a striking sign to avoid the occurrence of collision accidents.

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